Update on Rowey's NT fishing trip

Earlier today Rowey and a crew of 19 fishos ventured out to Darwin's Mary River in search of the Million Dollar Fish. It was a long day out on the water, with the team spending more than 12 hours on the boat, leaving at 5:00am and not returning until 5:40pm.

Unfortunately, Rowey and his team were unable to reel in the Barrumundi marked with the million-dollar tag, however they did catch three undersized Barrumundi, ensuring that they would not walk away from the trip empty-handed.

It's fair to say that none of the team went unhydrated, with 150 cans of mild strength beer and over 200 litres of water consumed on the trip.

Tune in to Rowey's Fishing Show from 5:30am next Saturday morning to hear Rowey's in-depth recap of the trip and recall all the highlights from what was a fun-packed weekend of fishing.