Rowey's Blog - Fishing in 9 feet of water in Semaphore

One of my favourite winter Whiting spots is just off The Palais and inside the Semaphore jetty, and it’s a ripper spot. The best time to fish is the incoming tide 1-2 hours before dusk on a new moon if possible.

The mark has a natural bottom, scattered with razor fish and weed which lie underneath 9-11 feet of water. The water was like glass. You could see the bottom as clear as day and the whiting schooling beneath the surface.

Last year I went out on May 11th, and got my quota in under an hour, hitting the spot at 2.15, as I did just last Sunday.

It was the most magnificent day on that gulf I’d ever seen. The tide was crap but the conditions were perfect, so we gave it a crack. My first cast had me reeling in a foot-and-a-half long Flathead. The second cast was a King George (undersized), so back in, and then nothing. At about 4.15, a puff of northerly wind came through, rippled up the surface and then bang!

In a five minute patch we caught Whiting one after the other, and soon enough we had 9 in the tub. The puff of wind stopped, as the gulf returned to crystal clear. And with that, the King George went off the bite and that was it. It made me wonder if that was just coincidence, or if the KG’s don’t like eating when the water is flat and clear. If anyone can confirm that, or has any other theories, please email us at

At about 5:30 we were pushing the boat up the West Beach Boat Ramp. Rushing to get the boat up, I slipped on the ramp, went arse up and got completely soaked. All of this in front of a packed boat ramp which included the SA Sea Rescue Squadron receiving their new boat. And no sympathy either. Here there is no sympathy. It was the first time that I’d ever lost my feet on a boat ramp. That second bottle of Prosecco may have had something to do with it. And for all of those goody-two-shoes, tree-huggers of the world that may be reading, drink responsibly, and if you drink and drive, you’re a bloody idiot.

I would love to give you all the mark in this blog on the website, but the mate that gave it to me would cut one of my knackers off if I did, and I’m not quite prepared to do that.

But I’m sure if you move around that entire area you will eventually find a school of whiting. I reckon there were 10 boats around us on Sunday, most probably with that exact idea in mind.

Happy fishing,