Rowey's Blog - Fishing North Haven and Semaphore

The other day I headed out to yet another flat St Vincent Gulf I loaded up the essentials: Frothies, Prosecco, cockles and some new marks out of North Haven and Semaphore from a reliable and trusted source. And no, it’s not Tackle World Adelaide, if you were wondering, they never miss.

After the harsh winds we’ve had over the last couple of weeks, the word on the water is that the winter Whiting are in with force, thick as thieves on the incoming tide and later in the afternoons.

I flew back from my Channel 9 Footy SA show at around 12.15pm. As soon as I got home I hooked up and by 1:15 I was on the water, a new record time for me.

There was no one in sight on the West Beach boat ramp for a change, while I was tonguing for a fish and a froth. My first mark was in 9 meters of water and full of Puffers and Trumpeters. It was shitty city on the waters that day.

I Torched a good 45 minutes and $20 of cockles, before I moved my way around to my second mark, 10 minutes due west from the first mark. WIth the water at 12 metres, things were looking good.

As I moved on to my second froth, I dropped the pick perfectly on the first try with no wind and just a 2.5 metre tide. As soon as I turned the motor off I yelled to the kids, “Got one yet?”

They had 0.0. I told them to be patient, comforted by the thought that the suckers had to be out there somewhere.

As I cracked into my third froth, we still had nothing on board after two hours. Whack! Goes the Shimano, bent like a banana as Jimmy winds in like a banshee woman, and on the end of the line was a Blue Swimmer Crab. You freakin’ beauty! We all yell in excitement as we hook it into the boat (take a look on the picture gallery).

However that was the only good luck we had. Dead set, that was it. One bluey from $40 of cockles and 3 froths. A cranky dad and three disappointed kids traipse up the boat ramp. However, that old saying is so true, “Your worst day on the water beats your best day at work.” Bloody oath it is, I’d do it again tomorrow in a heartbeat.