Rowey's Blog - Easter Fishing Trip

If Easter is good for one thing it’s the weather. No prevailing winds, the seas in our gulf are flat and if we’re lucky, the winter whiting are in and biting. On Good Friday South of Wardang we got 2 of the 3. Not a ripple in the water, as you can see from the blog photos it was a picture perfect Spencer Gulf with plenty happening on top of the ocean.

Boats swarmed in the waters, and I reckon we counted 120 in the Port Victoria boat ramp. We fished the two hours before the 10.18 low tide and three hours after.

The low tide moved around to seven different marks given to me by a trusted, loyal and proven sea crusty with good form. But our tally for the day amassed to just one Whiting. One Whiting! Although mind you it was a big silver-eyed log of a thing, 52cm, or what we call a ‘big arse slapper.’ But that was it, nothing else, 0.0.

The next day we fished South West of the island in much deeper water, 75 to 90 feet. There had to be 30 boats within one nautical mile of our marks. and a Sea Rescue squadron fishing comp which ran from the Pt Victoria boat ramp, so that filled me with hope. First of all, we were fishing with the locals, and I also had the marks.

We fished again the two hours before low tide the two hours after. I had to leave early and drive back to Adelaide and call the Crows’ 65 point walloping of the Bombers, but before I left, I reeled in one arse-slapping, kidney-popping Whiting, and my daughter caught a foot-long flathead.

The waters were as flat as a bush biscuit, nine hours of fishing over two tides and two days and we still only had two Whiting to show for it.

However Sunday was a starkly different story. Most of the cobbers on the boat ramp and the Port Victoria pub on the Saturday night while I was back in Adelaide calling the game, said that they too had caught diddly squat. So the decision was made to tow the boat to Ardrossan, a leisurely 30 minute drive. We would launch there and head to Port Clinton, Price and the Proof Range for squid. Again we fished the 2 hours before low tide with a light easterly on one of my favorite marks in 25 feet of water. We caught a Patchy, seven or eight Whiting, and there were no shitties in sight, which was the pleasing thing. Once the tide started to run in it was happy days.

We had our quota in 30 minutes, most were 33cm and some around the 40cm mark, but good old Port Clinton delivered once again and Wardang can get stuffed. Well until June at least.